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We are delighted to welcome you and we hope that your stay with us will be most pleasant.

Le Relais Christine
and the Earth

Our engagement for a purer world

To participate in preserving the environment, the Relais Christine and its employees have set up various measures.

To save energy, we have installed efficient, recyclable light bulbs and double-glazing windows.

The steam used to produce in-house hot water and heat, is generated by recycling plastics from the company CPCU.

We switch off lights, air conditioning and heating in our non-occupied rooms.

We work with products which respect the environment. (Eco-Label, EcoCert,….)

We offer a large choice of organic and farm products at breakfast.

We formed our team in using water and energy consciously and with moderation. We are very careful about separating waste properly and recycling. We recycle used batteries, ink cartridge and used lightbulbs with our partner companies.

Le Relais Christine is involved in a project for the protection of bees and the preservation of biodiversity. With the company Ekodev, we installed one hive in our garden. With this action we are protecting the bees, we are contributing to research the cause of bee’s mortality and to modernize beekeeping. We gather our honey once a year and invite our guests and the Relais Christine team to participate. After pollen analyses of the harvest we offer the honey at breakfast for tasting for our guests.

We planted Verbena in our garden for direct consumption in our infusions and we have other planting projects going on.

If you are sensitive to these acts, we invite you to help us. Switch lights, television and air conditioning off when leaving your room. We change the linen every two days. Place the card on your pillow if you wish your sheets to be replaced every day. Reuse your towels and bath linen by leaving them on the towel dryer.
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